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Landeveisparti fra Lofthus og Skrikefossen - NB MS G4 0106.jpg
View of the waterfall in the distance
Skrikjofossen is located in Hordaland
Coordinates 60°18′14″N 06°41′34″E / 60.30389°N 6.69278°E / 60.30389; 6.69278Coordinates: 60°18′14″N 06°41′34″E / 60.30389°N 6.69278°E / 60.30389; 6.69278
Type Plunge
Total height 455 metres (1,493 ft)
Number of drops 2
Longest drop 260 metres (853 ft)
Average width 15 metres (49 ft)

Skrikjofossen is a waterfall in the municipality of Ullensvang in Hordaland county, Norway. The falls are located about 3.5 kilometres (2.2 mi) southeast of the village of Lofthus. Its total height is 455 metres (1,493 ft), while the tallest single drop is 260 metres (850 ft).[1]


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