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Skull & Keys circa 1899

Skull & Keys is one of the oldest men's honor society at the University of California, Berkeley.[1][2][3] The organization was started by Theta Nu Epsilon.[4]


Skull & Keys was founded in 1892 by, among others, the novelist Frank Norris.[4][5] Skull & Keys was founded as an upperclassman society for members of Theta Nu Epsilon.[2][3][4] The Zeta or Berkeley chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon was founded as a Sophomore society at Berkeley eleven years before in 1881. Skull & Keys membership was initially drawn from Senior and Junior classes at the university.[2][5]

Historically, it meets semi-monthly in a facility known only as the Tomb.[6] It is led by the Uncle, who is elected by voice vote of the active members. Invitees endure the initiation ritual known as the Running.[7][8][9]


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