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Origin Newcastle, England
Genres Rock Against Communism
Years active 1984-1994, 2001-2002
Past members Kevin Turner
Tim Ward
Spin Brown
Nick Shaw

Skullhead was a Rock Against Communism (RAC) band from the Newcastle area. Along with Brutal Attack, Skrewdriver and No Remorse, they are one of the most notable bands of that genre.[1]


Formed in Consett in March 1984,[2] their debut album White Warrior was released in 1987 (released by United Records, a subsidiary of Rock-O-Rama Records). The line-up on the album was Kevin Turner (vocals), Tim Ward (guitar), ‘Spin’ Brown (bass) and Nick Shaw (drums).[3] Skullhead joined the National Front’s White Noise Club, and when most of other British RAC bands left to join Blood & Honour, Skullhead remained with the White Noise Club till its end.[4] The band’s second LP Odin’s Law was released in 1991 by United Records. The line-up for this LP was Turner (vocals), Craig Bond (guitar), Pete (guitar), ‘Spin’ Brown (bass) and Raish Carter (drums). Carter had previously been in punk band Red London.[5] The LP was produced by Martin Cross,[6] who later was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.[7] The band’s final live appearance was in Brandenburg, Germany in 1992.[8]

Skullhead split-up in 1993.[2] Following the split Turner became a techno MC using the moniker MC Techno T.[9][10] He has performed at some of the biggest rave clubs in England, including After Dark in South Shields and The Colosseum in Norton, Stockton. He has also featured on several releases with Trance Troopers. Brown joined Oi! band Crashed Out in 1996 followed by Carter who joined two years later.

Turner spent 1989 as an inmate of Acklington Prison, and received a jail term in 1991 for grievous bodily harm after assaulting a man in Consett.[11] Bond was jailed in December 1993 for a racist attack on a group of students in Sunderland. He pleaded guilty to violent disorder. Bond, who was already serving a nine-month sentence for an assault on an anti-fascist, got another three years.[12]

Turner started tattooing in 1977, the first couple of studios he worked in were in the Newcastle area. He moved to Consett in 1984 where he was a tattoo artist up to 1999 when he opened Steel Paintbrush Tattoo Studios which he ran until September 2011. From there he went on to own Ye Olde Tattoo Durham until his present position in Doc Black Ink.[13]

Turner reformed Skullhead in 2001 with Frazer Robinson on guitar, Russ on bass and Michael Stoker (also known as Sticks) on drums. Robinson had previously played in north-east RAC band Warhammer, Russ had played in both The Meteors and the Toy Dolls, and Stoker had played in The Meteors, the Toy Dolls and the Whiskey Priests. They did a small tour of Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland[8] and recorded an album titled Returned to Thunder, which was released the following year.[14]


  • White Warrior LP (United Records, 1987)
  • White Noise - We Want the Airwaves 12" EP with PALAZARD (A-side "Look ahead" by Skullhead; B-side "Red Light Runaway" by Palazard) (White Noise Records, 1988)
  • Blame the Bosses / Celtic Warrior; Unemployed Voice 7" EP with VIOLENT STORM (Third Way, 1989)
  • Odins Law LP (United Records, 1989)
  • Rose of England / Townmoor festival 7" single (Street Rock 'N' Roll [sub-label of Rock-O-Rama Records], 1989)
  • Blame the Bosses / Look Ahead 7" single (Street Rock 'N' Roll, 1990)
  • Cry of Pain LP (United Records, 1991)
  • Victory Or Valhalla Mini-LP (Rebelles Europeéns, 1992)
  • Ragnarok (Victory Or Valhalla) full-length CD including R.E. LP + demos (ISD [Ian Stuart Donaldson Records], 1994)
  • Return To Thunder CD (Backstreet Noise Music, 2002)
  • Victory Or Valhalla CD (2002)
  • Return To Thunder LP (PC-Records, 2003)


  • No Surrender vol. 4 (songs: Yuletide, Memories) LP (Rock-o-Rama, 1990)
  • Gods of War vol. 4 songs: No more brothers war, Skinhead rock band) LP (White Power Records, 1991)
  • Blood & Honour vol. 1 (songs: Push on, Hang the I.R.A.) CD (ISD, 1994)
  • White Resistance vol. 2 (songs: Rock'n'Roll resistance, Fighting for victory) bootleg CD (C 18, 1997)

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