SkyView Rotterdam

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SkyView Rotterdam
Reuzenrad The View in Rotterdam.jpg
General information
TypeFerris wheel
LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
AddressHoogstraat, 3011 HB Rotterdam, Netherlands
Coordinates51°55′15″N 4°29′05″E / 51.9208115°N 4.4847428°E / 51.9208115; 4.4847428Coordinates: 51°55′15″N 4°29′05″E / 51.9208115°N 4.4847428°E / 51.9208115; 4.4847428
OwnerSkyView Attractions
Height45 m (148 ft)

SkyView Rotterdam was a 45-meter-tall Ferris wheel in the center of Rotterdam. It opened to the public on September 4, 2018, and was decommissioned in July 2019.[1] Some residents of Markthal protested its construction citing privacy concerns.[2] It was expected to stay for five years,[3] but operated for less than one year. It may relocate to Spain.[4]


The Netherlands-based Dutch Wheels designed and constructed the wheel. It was a model R50SP-36.[5] It had 36 climate controlled gondolas that could accommodate 6 people each. A VIP gondola featured a glass floor. A dining car was reservable for dinner or high tea, which is why it was also known as the Dinner Wheel.[6]


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