Sky Towers (Kiev)

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Sky Towers
General information
Type mixed-use
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Construction started 2009
Estimated completion 2020[1]
Cost US$ 512.2 million[2]
Antenna spire unknown
Roof office tower - 210 m (689 ft);
hotel part - 165 m (541 ft)[3][4]
Technical details
Floor count 34 and 47[5]
Design and construction
Architect DLN, Maunsell Aecom, R.A. Heintges & Associates, ACLA, C&A, MVA Hong Kong[5]
Developer KDD Group[5]
Main contractor Osnova-Solsif[5]

The Sky Towers (Ukrainian: Багатофункціональний комплекс «Скай Тоуерз») is mixed-use building currently under construction in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The project is designed to have two towers, ranging from 34 to 47 stories, and a two-storey bank building. The gross area of the complex will be approximately 225,000 square metres. In accordance with the project, there will be a hotel in one of the towers and offices in the other. The project is also designed to have an eight-storey underground parking area of approximately 51,630 square metres with 841 parking spaces. Around 1,594 square metres will be allocated for a retail area. Once completed, the 47-storey office tower will be the highest building in Ukraine. Construction began in 2009 and was put on hold in 2015.[6]

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Coordinates: 50°26′55″N 30°28′37″E / 50.44861°N 30.47694°E / 50.44861; 30.47694