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Coordinates: 38°54′25.1″N 78°12′27.4″W / 38.906972°N 78.207611°W / 38.906972; -78.207611 Skyline High School is located at 151 Skyline Vista Drive in Front Royal and serves students residing in the western part of Warren County, VA. The school is 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2) and educates 1,186 students as of school year 2007-08. Michael E. Smith is the current principal. The mascot for Skyline is the Hawk. The unofficial motto for the school is "The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow," a quote said every morning by former Principal Andrew Keller.

A Growing Population[edit]

The school was built as a response to the growing population of Warren County. The new building, which opened for classes in Fall of 2007, educates 60% of the county's population. This uneven division was chosen to accommodate the growth anticipated for the eastern part of the county which is closer to Washington, D.C. where population and enrollment will increase faster at Warren than at Skyline. Prior to the school's opening, all students in the county attended Warren County High School on Luray Avenue.

The old Warren County High School on Luray Avenue has been converted into Warren County Middle School.


The Skyline Hawks' colors are green, blue and gold. In athletic and academic competition they are part of the Northwestern District of the Virginia High School League. Rivals include local high schools Warren County High School and Randolph-Macon Academy.

New Approaches to Learning[edit]

In addition to the brand new facility, Skyline students are also involved in a new research based program called Flex Time. This program gives students approximately 30 minutes at 3:00 EST- 3:30 EST each evening to get more personalized help in academics or participate in clubs or activities. There is advisory for Freshmen and Sophomores. Freshmen have advisory ever Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; while sophomores only have it on Fridays. Flex Time has no effect on the 8th grade students.

Certain students from the high school are also eligible to apply to Mountain Vista Governor's School to take advanced math, science, humanities, and research courses.

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