Coordinates: 53°28′41″N 2°15′26″W / 53.478128°N 2.257115°W / 53.478128; -2.257115
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Skytrak in operation
Granada Studios Tour
LocationGranada Studios Tour
Coordinates53°28′41″N 2°15′26″W / 53.478128°N 2.257115°W / 53.478128; -2.257115
Opening dateOctober 1997 (1997-10)
Closing date1998 (1998)
General statistics
TypeSteel – Flying
ManufacturerSkytrak International
Height50 ft (15 m)
Length1,282 ft (391 m)
Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Capacity240 riders per hour
Height restriction55 in (140 cm)
Skytrak at RCDB

Skytrak was a flying roller coaster located at Granada Studios Tour amusement park in Castlefield, Manchester, England. Opened in October 1997, it was the first flying roller coaster in the world,[1] in which riders were tilted forward to experience the sensation of flying. It was named after an event from the Gladiators television series,[2] and was the only roller coaster constructed by Skytrak International, a subsidiary of Fairport Engineering.[3]

The ride was a "solo coaster" having only one person per car, which along with a complicated boarding process limited capacity to between 200 and 240 riders per hour.[2][4] Issues with the ride delayed its opening by several months, and it continued to suffer reliability issues.[2] It closed in 1998, with the park closing soon after. The ride was eventually removed and scrapped.[4]


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