Sleepy Hollow High

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Sleepy Hollow High
Directed byChris Arth
Kevin Summerfield
Produced byChris Arth
Kevin Summerfield
Written byKevin Summerfield
StarringMeagan Lopez
Ruben Brown
Antonio Benedict
Wendy Donigian
Matt Evers
Maria Cooper
CinematographyChris Arth
Edited byChris Arth
Distributed byScorpio Pictures
Release date
  • 2000 (2000)
Running time
90 minutes
81 minutes
CountryUnited States

Sleepy Hollow High is a 2000 American horror film, specifically a slasher film, directed by Chris Arth and Kevin Summerfield.


Five delinquent classmates must perform community service at Sleepy Hollow Park Grounds, a place notorious for vandalism and for many unsolved disappearances. As the afternoon unfolds, the students begin to realize that someone is taking the Legend of Sleepy Hollow too far, and that everyone is a suspect—from the teachers and counselors of Sleepy Hollow High to their classmates and each other. It is even possible that the legend itself is true. In the end none of it matters because it was all a dream.


  • Meagan Lopez as Shannon
  • Ruben Brown as 'Z'
  • Antonio Benedict as Pumpkin Man
  • Wendy Donigian as Diana Palmer
  • Matt Evers as Jay
  • Maria Cooper as Bobbi
  • Kevin Summerfield as Mr. E
  • Darryl Lozupone as Justin
  • Adrienne Townes as Jogger
  • Lee Wilkinson as Mr. Allen
  • George Stover as Mr. Breezo
  • Benjamin Bagaria as Happy Halloween Student
  • Amanda Lopez as Foxy Student
  • Terrence J. Arth as Happy Pumpkin Student / Z's Classroom Buddy / Monster Hands
  • Brandon Rhoten as Halloween Kid
  • Anthony Rhoten as Halloween Kid 2
  • Taylor Kuhns as Halloween Kid 3
  • Bluto Q. Kaminsky as NYPD Cop
  • Chris Arth as Voice of American DJ
  • Josh Petroski as Cupcake Student
  • Jessica Asch as Student
  • Matthew Brookman as Student
  • Kim Gough as Student
  • Shira Katz as Student
  • Antony Liberato as Student
  • JoAnn Martin as Student
  • Josh McCintock as Student
  • Jonas Mitchell as Student
  • Brandon Price as Student
  • Dan Wergand as Student

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