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Exterior of the Sloan Museum
Collecting Flint from A to Z exhibit

The Sloan Museum is a public museum located within the Flint Cultural Center in Flint, Michigan. The museum specializes in the local history of Genesee County and the Flint area, particularly in connection with the rise and decline of the local auto industry. The museum, named in honor of longtime General Motors chief executive officer Alfred P. Sloan, operates a cycle of special exhibitions and celebrations.[1]


As part of the Flint Cultural Center, the Sloan Museum is closely affiliated with two neighboring facilities, the Longway Planetarium and the Buick Gallery. The three facilities share a common webpage.[1]

The Museum contains galleries dedicated to permanent and rotating exhibits. Permanent exhibits include a gallery dedicated to the Flint sit-down strike, the labor action in December 1936—February 1937 that helped spur the labor organization of U.S. automotive manufacturing and recognition by major car manufacturers of the United Auto Workers as a bargaining partner.[2] Family-oriented galleries include Wisner's Whizbang Emporium, a heritage-oriented play place.[3]

Other galleries display segments of the Sloan/Longway automotive collection, including horse-drawn wagons, carriages, horseless carriages, cars, engines, and car parts manufactured in and around Flint by General Motors and local competitors, such as Billy Durant's Durant Motors. The role of the Flint auto industry on the World War II home front is extensively featured, with visual reminders of the U.S. car culture that followed the war.[4] Other exhibits feature memorabilia, including car-oriented neon signs, from local meeting places and businesses such as grocery stores operated by the Hamady Brothers.

Admission to the Sloan Museum also includes admission to the affiliated Buick Automotive Gallery. An admission fee is charged.


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