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A957 shield

The summit 6 miles (9.7 km) from Crathes
Route information
Length 14.5 mi[1] (23.3 km)
Major junctions
southeast end A92 A92 road
56°56′59″N 2°13′33″W / 56.9498°N 2.2259°W / 56.9498; -2.2259
  A90 A90 road
northwest end A93 A93 road
57°03′32″N 2°24′54″W / 57.0590°N 2.4151°W / 57.0590; -2.4151
Road network

The A957 road, commonly called the Slug Road, is a two lane paved public roadway in Aberdeenshire, Scotland connecting Stonehaven to the A93 road near Crathes after crossing the River Dee, Aberdeenshire over Durris Bridge.[2]

History and route[edit]

The A957 passes slightly to the south of the historic Ury Estate and somewhat to the north of Rickarton House. Proceeding northwesterly, the Slug Road passes by Fetteresso Forest and Durris Forest and eventually by the Balbridie Neolithic timber hall.

The etymology of Slug Road is asserted to be a derivation of the Gaelic word sloc, which means hollow or dell, thus named due to the road traversing a narrow mountain pass.[3]

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