Small Things to a Giant

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Small Things to a Giant
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 2, 2012
Daveed Diggs chronology
The BAY BOY Mixtape
Small Things to a Giant

Small Things to a Giant is the debut album of rapper and actor Daveed Diggs, who starred in Hamilton: An American Musical.[1][2]

Creation and release[3][edit]

Diggs wrote over a dozen rap songs, collaborating with other rappers, including Gunjan Patel, Chukwudi Hodge, Romel Hoskins, Radproductionz, and Rafael Casal. Diggs selected eleven songs, which were recorded at various studios throughout 2011.

Several of the tracks feature guest rappers, including Casal, Hodge, Rob Faron, Moe Green, Lauren Nagal, Big Sizz, and Uncle Suss. Hoskins sings backup for the majority of the album.

Once the album was recorded, it was mixed by Dion Decibels. During this period, album photography was taken by George X. Lin and Nathan Lee, and edited by Casal.

The album was released for free online streaming and paid digital download on January 2, 2012.

Track List[edit]

  1. Fresh From the Hood
  2. (Small Things) To a Giant
  3. Trappers
  4. Jes Grew
  5. Night Time
  6. Dirty World
  7. Go Boi
  8. I Write Rap Songs
  9. Don't Let Me Fall
  10. About my Paper
  11. Small Things (To a Giant)


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