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Smart Action Company LLC
Industry call center automation solutions, IVR solutions
Founded 2009
Founder Peter Voss
Headquarters El Segundo, California, USA
Key people
Tom Lewis, Chief Executive Officer
Peter Voss, Founder
Mike Weston, Chairman of the Board
Tas Dienes, Chief Technology Officer
Products artificial intelligence-based self-service

SmartAction provides artificial intelligence-based voice self-service. SmartAction's Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA) is a hosted IVR platform that uses natural language speech recognition and is based on an object-oriented coding framework.[1] IVA is a cloud-based, hosted service. IVA® handles complex customer experience calls across 12 verticals, providing assistance with numerous call types such as appointment scheduling and rescheduling, delivery status, order placements, and a variety of outbound calls.[2]

SmartAction was founded by inventor and entrepreneur Peter Voss[3][4] and is headquartered in El Segundo, CA.


Developing artificial intelligence has challenged researchers since at least the 1940s (see History of artificial intelligence). Part of the problem has been the difficulty of defining an adequate theory of intelligence that can serve as a framework to guide hardware implementations. Starting in the early 1990s Voss developed a new theory of intelligence, outlined in the book Artificial General Intelligence.[5] In 2001, Voss founded an R&D startup, Adaptive AI, Inc., to research and develop a prototype artificial general intelligence system based on his theory of intelligence.[3] In 2009 Voss founded Smart Action Company, LLC to commercialize this technology. Born out of Voss' research and development, SmartAction created its first practical application of this new technology focused on the management of inbound and outbound calls for contact centers.[6] Since its inception, SmartAction has continued to develop the technology into a highly specialized and purpose driven AI, identified by the company as Intelligent Voice Automation.[7]


There are two layers of technology that SmartAction uses in its systems. The first is speech recognition, which enables the system to understand natural language spoken words and phrases. Second is a proprietary artificial intelligence engine used to determine the meaning and intent behind the spoken words, drive the conversation with the caller, and improve over time.[8][9] A text-to-speech engine enables the system to speak. The AI engine's built-in knowledge and skills also makes development and updates to the system much faster and easier than with older technology.


  • Customer Interaction Solutions, 2011 Product of the Year Award[10]
  • Customer Interaction Solutions, 2012 Speech Technology Excellence Award[11]
  • Contact Center World, 2012 Best Technology Innovation[12]
  • TMC, 2014 Product of the Year[13]
  • Stevie Award, 2014 Gold award for IVR or Web Service Solution[14]
  • 2014 M2M Evolution Award[15]
  • TMC, 2015 Speech Technology Award[16]
  • TMC, 2015 CRM Excellence Award[17]
  • CIOReview's 20 Most Promising Telecom Solution Providers, 2015[18]
  • 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 500[19]

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