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Smirting is the practice of smoking and flirting outside public places such as pubs, bars, cafés, restaurants, and office buildings where smoking is prohibited.[1][2][3][4]


Smirting was first identified in New York in 2003,[5][6] and spread to the Republic of Ireland in 2004 when an aggressive smoking ban in public places was enacted.[7]

Smirting has been so successful that non-smokers try to mingle with the smirters.[5] The non-smokers may then start to smoke too and so this is a health risk.[8]

Sociologist and sexologist Pepper Schwartz states that the smirters are "defiant and angry, they don't buy the second-hand smoke argument, and want to share this grudge with someone else." When they are forced outside, smirters form strong bonds in what is essentially an exile community.[9] But this exile community has its rewards. One study found that 25% of Irish couples who had started a relationship during 2007 or 2008 had met while smoking outside.[5]


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