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Frank E. Wetherell (1869-1961)[1] was an architect in the U.S. state of Iowa who worked during 1892–1931. He founded the second oldest architectural firm in the state in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1905.[2][3]

He worked with Roland Harrison (born in 1889, age 95 in 1983) in partnership Wetherell & Harrison. The firm designed numerous Masonic buildings.[1]

He worked also with Oliver O. Smith, and with the addition of Alvah J. Gage the firm became Smith, Wetherell & Gage.[3](p16) The firm continued later as Smith & Gage.

Wetherell was prominent statewide as an architect known for public buildings, residences, and urban planning. At least 44 extant properties in Oskaloosa, Iowa are attributed to him.[3]

He was a parishioner of St. James Episcopal Church (Oskaloosa, Iowa), which he designed in Gothic Revival architecture.

A number of Wetherell's and the firms' works and works of his partners alone are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).[4]

Works include (with attribution):

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