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The Smoke-Free Air Act is a law that came into effect in New Jersey, United States, on April 15, 2006. This law prohibits smoking in any indoor public place and work place.


  • Casino floors[1]
  • Cigar bars and lounges which make 15% of their income from tobacco products.[2]
  • Tobacco retail establishments.[3]
  • Up to 20% of the rooms in a hotel or motel.


A person or business in violation of the law:[4]

  • $250 first offense
  • $500 second offense
  • $1000 for each subsequent offense

Smoke-free casinos[edit]

The Act exempted casinos from the ban for an earlier version of the Act without the casino exemption was repealed. For anti-smoking groups are still seeking to remove the casino exemption,[5] the Atlantic City Council passed local ordinance #86, an ordinance that restricts smoking within casinos to only 25% of the casino floor.[6]


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