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Smokers Die Younger are a four-piece rock band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Their debut album opens with hardcore grunge rock and closes with avant-garde art-rock, taking in dub, country music, indie, and rock and roll.[citation needed]


Smokers Die Younger are part of the underground live music scene of Sheffield, which has produced such luminaries as Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers, Little Man Tate, Monkey Swallows the Universe, and The Long Blondes.[1] They featured in a television documentary about music in Sheffield aired as Rockbyen Sheffield on Danish channel DR2 and as an episode of the Musikbyrån series on Swedish channel SVT in summer 2007.[2]

Having played regularly at the Northern Sounds festival in France, they appeared on fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld's compilation CD Les Musiques Que J'aime, published by Vogue magazine at the end of 2006.[3]

Earlier in their musical careers, Golf had helped to found the electro-noise outfit that became 65daysofstatic and Trout had been instrumental in many cult British bands including A.C. Temple, Bear, Coping Saw, Kilgore Trout, Lazerboy, and Spoonfed Hybrid.

Band members[edit]

Founding member, and bass player Graham Booth, left the band in late 2007. Also founding member and drummer Chris Trout left the band in 2009.


  • SDY. 7" vinyl. [Detail] Recordings. 6 December 2004
  • Five-O / Kermit Song. 7" vinyl. Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. 18 July 2005
  • I Spy Dry Fear. Download-only single. Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. 20 March 2006
  • X Wants The Meat. CD album. [Detail] Recordings / Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. 27 March 2006
  • Sketch Pads. 7" vinyl. Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. 21 July 2008
  • Smokers Die Younger. Download & CD album. 21 September 2009


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