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Smorgon Steel was an Australian steel manufacturing business established in the 1980s by the Smorgon family of Melbourne. The chairman of the company board was Graham Smorgon.

Smorgon Steel was noteworthy as the first company to attempt to compete with BHP Steel in Australia. Smorgon did not construct a primary steel-making plant, instead recycling scrap steel into steel reinforcing bar for reinforced concrete construction, using a mini electric arc furnace steel mill at Laverton North, Victoria.[1]

In 1999 Smorgon acquired the troubled manufacturing concern Australian National Industries Limited (ANI). Parts of the ANI conglomerate, including the foundry business Bradken Limited, were restructured and spun off as separate businesses.

In 2007 Smorgon Steel merged with OneSteel. As with the takeover of Email Limited in 2001, this takeover took a long time to get approval from the Australian anti-monopoly regulator, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission because approval of the takeover would result in only two significant businesses remaining in the steel distribution business in Australia.[2]


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