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For the cat from Blue Peter, see Smudge (Blue Peter cat).

Smudge (died 2000) was a feline that became a minor celebrity in Glasgow.

Employed by the People's Palace museum in Glasgow Green to deal with a rodent problem in 1979, Smudge became a fixture of the museum, which sold Smudge merchandise including ceramic replicas designed by noted potter Margery Clinton. In the 1980s, Smudge became a member of the General, Municipal and Boilermakers Trade Union, after NALGO refused her admission as a blue collar worker. Smudge was used as a mascot by a number of campaigns including 'Save the Glasgow Vet School' (1989), 'Paws Off Glasgow Green' (1990). In 1987, Smudge disappeared for a number of weeks, but after a number of appeals including one by the Lord Provost of Glasgow, she was recovered.

Smudge left the People's Palace in 1990 with the departure of Elspeth King, the museum's curator. When Elspeth became director of Stirling's Smith Art Gallery and Museum, Smudge was called on again to deal with a rodent problem. She died at her home in 2000 after a long illness.

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