So What (Anti-Nowhere League album)

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So What
Compilation album by Anti-Nowhere League
Released July 2000
Genre Punk rock
Label Harry May Record Company
Anti-Nowhere League chronology
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So What
Punk Singles and Rarities 1981 - 1984
(2001)Punk Singles and Rarities 1981 - 19842001

So What is the fifth compilation album by English punk rock band the Anti-Nowhere League. It contains mostly well known studio tracks along with a mix of live tracks, once again taken from the Live in Yugoslavia album.

"Woman" appears in an unreleased version, as well as a rare studio version of "Noddy", after the live version had already been released on The Horse is Dead.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "So What?"
  2. "We Are the League"
  3. "I Hate People"
  4. "Snowman"
  5. "Nowhere Man"
  6. "Animal"
  7. "Woman"
  8. "(We Will Not) Remember You"
  9. "World War III"
  10. "For You"
  11. "Noddy"
  12. "Let's Break the Law"
  13. "Streets of London"
  14. "Can't Stand Rock 'n' Roll"
  15. "Reck-a-Nowhere"
  16. "We Will Survive"
  17. "Out on the Wasteland"
  18. "Queen and Country"
  19. "Paint It Black" (Live)
  20. "Let the Country Feed You" (Live)