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The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) is a professional organization for architects in the United States.


The Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) was founded on November 9, 1956 by Wilfred J. Gregson. As a professional society that includes the participation of all architects, regardless of their roles in the architectural community. SARA follows the Golden Rule and supports the concept of profitable professionalism for its members. It stresses a high degree of professional fellowship and supports its motto of "Architect helping Architect".[1]

Membership Classifications[edit]

  • Professional and Associate Members - for registered architects and individuals working towards architectural registration.
  • Affiliate Members - for individuals, firms and corporations involved in the construction industry.
  • Student Members - for individuals studying architecture.
  • International Members - for registered architects outside of North and South America.

Local Organizations[edit]

SARA has state councils and local chapters in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.


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