Sol Plaatje Dam

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Sol Plaatje Dam
Saulspoortdam, Asrivier-inloop, Bethlehem, Vrystaat.jpg
The reservoir's western or As River inflow
Official nameSol Plaatje Dam (previously: Saulspoort Dam)
LocationFree State, South Africa
Coordinates28°13′01″S 28°21′47″E / 28.21694°S 28.36306°E / -28.21694; 28.36306Coordinates: 28°13′01″S 28°21′47″E / 28.21694°S 28.36306°E / -28.21694; 28.36306
Opening date1968
Operator(s)Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Dam and spillways
Type of damearth-fill
ImpoundsAs River, Liebenbergsvlei River
Height19 metres (62 ft)
Length70 metres (230 ft)
CreatesSol Plaatje Dam Reservoir
Total capacity15,676,000 cubic metres (553,600,000 cu ft)
Surface area356 hectares (880 acres)

Sol Plaatje Dam (or Saulspoort Dam) is an earth-fill type dam located at the confluence of the As and Liebenbergsvlei Rivers near Bethlehem, Free State, South Africa. It was established in 1968 and serves mainly for municipal and domestic water supply. The hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high. The reservoir receives water from the Lesotho Highlands Water Project via the As River.

Originally known as Saulspoort Dam, it was officially renamed on 1 April 2005,[1] recalling the bus disaster which took place there in the early hours of 1 May 2003, when 51 passengers, en route to a Workers Day rally, were drowned. 41 of the workers were employees of the Sol Plaatje Municipality (Kimberley).[2]

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