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Solano County Library
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LocationSolano County, California
Coordinates38°15′07″N 122°02′49″W / 38.252°N 122.047°W / 38.252; -122.047Coordinates: 38°15′07″N 122°02′49″W / 38.252°N 122.047°W / 38.252; -122.047
Access and use
Population served424,233 (2014)[1]
Other information
Budget$33,948,664 (2016)[2]
DirectorBonnie Katz

The Solano County Library is a public library system serving the cities of Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville and Vallejo, California. The library system consists of eight public libraries, and additionally the Solano County Law Library and the Solano County Library Adult Literacy Program. The cities of Benicia and Dixon have public libraries that are not a part of the Solano County Library system but are partners of the SPLASH Consortium.

Solano County Library offers professional, innovative, cost-effective service by providing library materials, resources, information, entertainment and lifelong learning opportunities to enrich the lives of the people of Solano County.


The Solano County Library was established in 1914 by the county's board of supervisors. For its first two decades of service the library collection was kept in various locations until a permanent building was constructed for library use in 1931.[3]


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