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Solar Sailor Holdings Limited is an Australian company that supplies marine transportation technology. Solar Sailor was founded by Robert Dane in 1999, and the current chairman is Bob Hawke.[1] The company develops and specializes in two forms of technology: hybrid marine power (HMP), and solar sails.

The company licences its technology and intellectual property worldwide. The technology is applicable to all types of marine vessels, including commercial ferries, large ships, and recreational vessels. A range of naval drones is being developed for oceanography, surveillance, data gathering, security and military uses, which are autonomous and self-sustaining, and have considerable endurance such that 2 year at-sea periods are anticipated.

Hybrid marine power[edit]

Hybrid marine power is the maritime equivalent of hybrid vehicle technology - electric motors which operate in combination with fossil fuel engines. Solar Sailor vessels run on multiple sources of power including solar, wind, stored battery power and fossil fuel (diesel).

Solar sails[edit]

Solar sails are pivotally mounted wings, capable of rotation on two axes. They can function as a sail, a solar collector, or both at once. Solar Sails can be hydraulically operated, with both computer optimization and manual control. By rotating to maximise exposure, solar sails can increase ship efficiency by up to 40%.[citation needed]

Notable vessels[edit]

Solar Sailor

A chartered Solar Sailor ferry operates on Sydney Harbour, carrying 100 passengers.[2]

A second ferry was built for the Shanghai World Expo, in association with Suntech Power, carrying 186 passengers.[3]

Four ferries operate in Hong Kong carrying 100 passengers each.[4] The vessels transport patrons of the Hong Kong Jockey Club to three golf courses on Kau Sai Chau island, off the coast of Hong Kong.

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