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Temporal range: Cambrian–Tertiary[1]
Solenoporaceae - Solenopora.JPG
Fossils of Solenopora species
Scientific classification e
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Florideophyceae
Stem group: Corallinales
Family: Solenoporaceae
Pia, 1927 [2]
Genus: Solenopora
  • Solenopora spongiodes Pia, 1927
  • Solenopora guangxiensis Wu 1991
  • Solenopora jurassica Brown 1894
  • Solenopora rectangulata Senowbari-Daryan et al. 2008


The extinct Solenoporaceae have traditionally been interpreted as a group of red algae ancestral to the Corallinales.[4]

The genus from which they take their name, Solenopora, originates in the Ordovician.[5] Unlike the Corallinaceae, this family has large vegetative cells and an undifferentiated thallus.[5] Additionally there are external, non-calcified sporangia.[6]

The differences in structure suggest that the holotype is not an alga at all, but rather is a chaetetid sponge. Post-Palaeozoic specimens therefore require re-classification.[7] However, some algal taxa are still classified within the genus.[8]

Some specimens of algal Solenopora retain an original pink colouration, which is banded with growth stages of the fossil; this is produced by boron-containing hydrocarbons.[8]

The solenoporaceae mineralized with calcite.[9]

Other genera within the Solenoporaceae[edit]

Although the following other genera have been included in this family, their status is uncertain due to the loose definition of the family.[3][3] [7]

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