Suleiman II of Persia

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Mir Sayyed Mohammad Marashi, better known by his dynastic name of Suleiman II (Persian: شاه سلیمان‎‎), was a Safavid pretender who managed to briefly become ruler of some parts of Persia from 1749 to 1750. He was in charge of the affairs of the Holy Shrine in Mashhad.

The young Shahrukh was enthroned at Mashhad in October 1748 by Iranian nobles. Two months later Ibrahim proclaimed himself shah; but he was defeated and fled. Sayyid Muhammad refused to admit him to the shrine city of Mashad. Sayyid Mohammad's mother was the daughter of Safavid shah Suleiman I, and so in 1750 he was enthroned by Alam Khan Arab Khozaima and some Kurdish and Jalayirid chiefs as Suleiman II. Shahrukh was blinded but was restored to the throne after only a few months, as Suleiman II was removed and blinded.[1]


Preceded by
Shahrukh Afshar
Shah of Persia
Succeeded by
Shahrukh Afshar