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Solomon Bregman (in Russian, Соломон Брегман) (1895, Zlynka – 1953) was a prominent member of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee formed in the Soviet Union in April 1942. The committee was led by the famous Yiddish actor Solomon Mikhoels.

Bregman was born in the town of Zlynka in the Bryansk district. Bregman was a deputy minister of State Control and an active party member since 1912. He was editor-in-chief of The Book About Jews-Heroes of the War against Fascism. He also participated in collecting materials for Black Book, a publication detailing the extermination of the Jews of the Soviet Union by the Germans and their collaborators during World War II. He joined JAC in 1944.

He was arrested together with other members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in 1948. Having never admitted his guilt, he died in jail of heart disease on January 23, 1953 after surviving severe beatings.

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