Solomon Islands National Council of Women

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Solomon Islands National Council of Women
Founded atHoniara, Solomon Islands
TypeNon-governmental organisation
Purpose"Women as Equal Partners in the Development of Solomon Islands"

Solomon Islands National Council of Women is a non-governmental women's organisation based in Honiara, in the Solomon Islands. It was founded in 1983[1]

It has received funding from the Global Fund for Women[2]


The Council was founded to represent women in the Solomon Islands, with a vision of "Women as Equal Partners in the Development of Solomon Islands". It encourages the participation of women in decision-making on the Islands.[3][4]


The objectives of the organisation are as follows:[1]

  • Promote and coordinate activities for women throughout Solomon Islands;
  • Act as a representative body for women to the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and other entities;
  • Advise the SIG on policies and issues of concern to women;
  • Undertake awareness and advocacy on international relevant instruments;
  • Provide a forum through which women can have a voice on issues affecting them;
  • Encourage participation of women in decision making processes and bodies;
  • Promote awareness at all levels women's concerns; and
  • Promote formation of effective partnerships with other entities as appropriate.

The Council's guiding values are "leadership with inclusiveness, passion, wisdom, commitment, pro-activeness, ownership, transparency, competitiveness, trust, creativity and innovation"[1]


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