Soma (Mallavoodoo album)

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Album soma cover.jpg
Studio album by Mallavoodoo
Released 2006
Recorded January, 2006 - March, 2006
Genre Instrumental music, Rock and roll, Progressive rock, Jazz, Blues
Length 50:28
Producer Thales Silveira
Mallavoodoo chronology
O inverno e a garça
(2000)O inverno e a garça2000

Soma is the second album of the Brazilian instrumental music group Mallavoodoo. It was produced by the bass player, Thales Silveira and released in 2006. This recording was financed by Recife city hall and took three months to get finished.[1]

It was positively criticized by some Brazilian musical magazines, such as Cover Baixo and Teclado e Áudio.[2]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Songwriters Length
1. "Abracadabra" Thales Silveira 5:31
2. "Terra de Gelo" Alexandre Bicudo 4:16
3. "Vôo da coruja" Mário Lobo 4:40
4. "Mandala" Thales Silveira 5:00
5. "Nós dois" Alexandre Bicudo 6:06
6. "Infinita" Thales Silveira 5:38
7. "Canção do sol" Mário Lobo 4:59
8. "Real" Alexandre Bicudo 4:37
9. "Guaranabara" Mário Lobo 4:35
10. "Conexão Noruega" Thales Silveira, Mário Lobo, Alexandre Bicudo 5:07



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