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Somnium was originally a Latin word meaning "dream", and may refer to:

  • Somnium (novel), a scientific fantasy in Latin by Johannes Kepler
  • Somnium, a brand name for the drug lorazepam
  • Somnium (album) a 7-hour album by the ambient musician Robert Rich
  • Somnium, an album by SIANspheric
  • Teemu Raimoranta, nickname Somnium, a former guitarist from the bands Finntroll and Impaled Nazarene
  • Somnium (video game), also known as NesRom, a downloadable video game for the Nintendo DSi's DSiWare service
  • Somnium, a fictional card game from the Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword mod Fall From Heaven
  • Somnium, a short film made in 2017 which won three awards at different movie festivals. Made by a group called "Fiskekutter"

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