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The Sonata for guitar, Op. 47 is a composition by Alberto Ginastera. This sonata was written in 1976 for the guitarist Carlos Barbosa-Lima (Basinski 1994, 10, 47n71). The composer subsequently revised the work twice: first in 1977–78, then again in 1981 (Schwartz-Kates 2001). It is the only original composition for guitar by Ginastera.


In chronological order of recording.

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos: 5 Preludes; 12 Études; Alberto Ginastera: Sonata. Eduardo Fernández, guitar. CD recording, 1 sound disc: digital, stereo, 4¾ in. Decca 414616-2; issued also on cassette, Decca 414616-4. London: Decca Record Co., 1987.
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  • Piano and Guitar. Alberto Ginastera: Sonata No. 1 for Piano, Op. 22 (1952); Leo Brouwer: Tres danzas concertantes (1958/59); Manuel Maria Ponce: Sonata for Guitar and Piano (1931); Alberto Ginastera: Sonata for Guitar, Op. 47 (1976). Franz Halász, guitar; Debora Halász, piano. Recorded 1994, Musikhochschule Dortmund. CD recording 1 disc: digital, stereo, 4¾ in. BIS-CD-671. Djursholm: Grammofon AB BIS, 1994.
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  • Chitarra giocosa. Joaquin Rodrigo: Sonata giocosa; Antonio José: Sonata; Alberto Ginastera: Sonata, Op. 47; Jerzy Bauer: Concerto for guitar and chamber orchestra. Marcin Dylla, guitar. Recorded July 2005 in Germany. CD recording, 1 sound disc: digital, stereo, 4¾ in. Fleur de Son Classics FDS 57979. Buffalo, N.Y.: Fleur de Son Classics, 2006.
  • Carlos Barbosa-Lima, guitar Concord CCD-42015[full citation needed]
  • Simmetrie e Contrasti nel Novecento, Lennox Berkeley: Quatres Pieces pour la guitare; Frank Martin: Quatres Pièces breves; A. José: Sonata; Alberto Ginastera: Sonata. Simone Rinaldo, guitar. Recorded November 2017. DotGuitar, Winner Series.[full citation needed]


Further reading[edit]

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