Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer

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Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer
Compilation album by Tom Lehrer
Released May 6, 1997
Recorded 1953, 1959, 1960, 1996
Genre Satire
Label Rhino Records
R2 72776
Producer Tom Lehrer, David McLees, Barry Hansen, Bill Inglot
(reissue producers)
Tom Lehrer chronology
That Was "That Was The Week That Was"
Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer
The Remains of Tom Lehrer

Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer is a reissue of musical satirist Tom Lehrer's two studio albums (Songs by Tom Lehrer and More of Tom Lehrer), combined with other studio sessions and a newly recorded version of "I Got It From Agnes". "Agnes" was a song from Lehrer's early live repertoire which he "polished up" for the Cameron Mackintosh-produced musical revue Tom Foolery in 1981, but which Lehrer himself never professionally recorded until 1996.[1] The booklet notes include an essay by Dr. Demento and the original sleeve notes from the LP releases.

The material from Songs and More of... were the original versions self-issued on Lehrer Records, the 1966 Reprise rerecording of Songs not considered for the reissue. Although More of... was originally released in both monophonic and stereo versions, the producers of the reissue opted for the mono mix.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Fight Fiercely, Harvard
  2. The Old Dope Peddler
  3. Be Prepared
  4. The Wild West Is Where I Want to Be
  5. I Wanna Go Back to Dixie
  6. Lobachevsky
  7. The Irish Ballad
  8. The Hunting Song
  9. My Home Town
  10. When You Are Old and Gray
  11. I Hold Your Hand in Mine
  12. The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz
  13. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park
  14. Bright College Days
  15. A Christmas Carol
  16. The Elements
  17. Oedipus Rex
  18. In Old Mexico
  19. Clementine
  20. It Makes a Fellow Proud to Be a Soldier
  21. She's My Girl
  22. The Masochism Tango
  23. We Will All Go Together When We Go
  24. Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (orchestrated version)
  25. The Masochism Tango (orchestrated version)
  26. The Hunting Song (orchestrated version)
  27. We Will All Go Together When We Go (orchestrated version; previously unreleased)
  28. I Got It from Agnes (previously unreleased)

Session notes[edit]

The orchestral versions on tracks 24–27 were from a January 21, 1960 session with accompaniment conducted by Richard Hayman. Tracks 24 and 25 were originally issued as a single on Capricorn Records, while track 25 was first issued on the 1997 Rhino compilation Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection. Track 28 was recorded on October 8, 1996.[2]


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