Songs from the Edge

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Songs from the Edge
Songsfromtheedge cover.JPG
Studio album by Dirty Harry
Released 2007
Genre Rock
Length 43:43
Dirty Harry chronology
The Trouble with... Harry
(2003)The Trouble with... Harry2003
Songs from the Edge

Songs from the Edge is the second album by British musician Dirty Harry (formerly known as Harry).

It was recorded as the follow-up to The Trouble with... Harry (2003) and produced by multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer Luke Ebbin (Bon Jovi, Rival Schools). The album features Curt Schneider engineering and playing bass guitar, David Levita on guitar and Victor Indrizzo on drums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Frayed at the Edges
  2. Takes One to Know One
  3. Welcome to What Is Meant to Be
  4. Do You Remember Those Days?
  5. Dirty Boys & Girls
  6. Stepping Stones
  7. Drunks of London Town
  8. Let Go of Me
  9. Fake It Like You
  10. Not That Girl / Been Down
  11. Sweet Sound of Rock'n'roll

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