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Sonja McCaskie (19 February 1939 – 5 April 1963)[1] was a British alpine skier who participated in the 1960 Winter Olympics.

McCaskie lived in Reno, Nevada and was working as a part-time skiing instructor at the nearby Slide Mountain ski resort when she was brutally strangled, raped, decapitated and mutilated in her Yori Avenue apartment by 18-year-old high school student Thomas Lee Bean in the early morning hours of Friday 5 April 1963.[2][3] Bean was sentenced to death in the Nevada gas chamber for the murder, but was taken off death row in 1970 and remains in the Nevada State Prison.[3] This murder was sensationalized in the 8 September 1963 issue of The National Enquirer with the frontpage headline (and a grisly photo) as: "I CUT OUT HER HEART & STOMPED ON IT".


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