Sophia (Coloman of Hungary's daughter)

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Sophia of Hungary
Born 1097-1100
Issue Saul
House House of Árpád
Father Coloman of Hungary
Mother Felicia of Sicily

Sophia was the eldest known child of King Coloman of Hungary and his wife, Felicia of Sicily. She was born between 1097 and 1100. Her son Saul was the heir presumptive to her childless brother, Stephen II of Hungary.


Sophia's is one of the three children and the only daughter of Coloman the Learned whose name was recorded by the chronicles.[1] Her mother was Felicia of Sicily, her father's first wife.[1] For her parents' marriage took place in 1097, Sophia could not have been born before this year.[2] According to Kirstó, "it is beyond doubt" that she was named after her paternal grandaunt.[3] Her brothers—Stephen and Ladislaus—were born in 1101.[4]

The only certain fact of her life is the name of her son, Saul. The Illuminated Chronicle narrates that her brother, King Stephen II of Hungary, who was childless, "so ordered the succession to the throne that after his death the son of his sister Sophia, by name Saul, should reign."[5][6] According to historian Márta Font, at that time—around 1130—Saul was about fifteen years old, implying that his mother must have been born in 1100 at the latest.[1] Neither the name nor the family of her husband are known.[1]


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