Sophie Harmansdochter

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Sophie Harmansdochter, also known as Gele Fye (1505 - 3 March 1562), was a Dutch perjurer and informer.

Sophie Harmansdochter was the daughter of the Anabaptist Harman Hoen from Zwolle, whom she had followed on his preacher tours before he was executed in 1534. She married a burgher in Amsterdam in 1537. After encountering difficulties in securing her inheritance after her father's death, she was employed as an informer for the mayor of Amsterdam to point out suspected heretics to the authorities. Her information led the arrest of Volckje Ward, which resulted in mass executions of Anabaptists in Amsterdam, Leiden, Friesland and Antwerp in 1552-53. After the death of her spouse, she experienced financial problems and pointed out the mayor as a heretic. She was arrested and judged guilty for perjury. She was executed by burning after her tongue was cut off. She has often been portrayed in literature.