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Sorge may refer to:



  • Georg Andreas Sorge (1703–1778), organist, composer and music theorist
  • Friedrich Adolf Sorge (1826–1906), German communist and then American labor activist
  • Henry W. Sorge (1862-1921), American politician
  • Kurt Sorge (1855–1928), engineer
  • Giuseppe Sorge (1857-1937), Italian historian, prefect and director of the public security
  • Albert O. Sorge (1881-1967), American politician
  • Reinhard Johannes Sorge (1892–1916), German dramatist and poet best known for the Expressionist play Der Bettler
  • Richard Sorge (1895–1944), Soviet intelligence officer in the Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan during World War II
  • Santo Sorge (1908-1972), Sicilian Mafia leader
  • Gustav Sorge (1911-1978), SS concentration camp guard
  • Sarah Sorge (born 1969), German politician
  • Samy Deluxe (born 1977), German hip hop artist born Samuel Sorge
  • Kurt Sorge (born 1988), freeride mountain biker

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