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Soroush messenger is an Iranian instant messaging application, developed by Soroush Media Technology Development. The messenger has Android and iOS versions for phones, and trial versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Following the filtering of Telegram following Iranian rallies, the number of users exceeded 4 million. the number of registered users reached 14 million.[1]


According to the privacy policy, the app stores user information including content of chats, user information such as name, phone number and contacts on their servers. The service also records IP addresses and device information. The terms and conditions promise not to reveal this data to any third parties. The conditions allow users to correct or validate information and delete their account. No mention is made of user's ability to delete their data.[2]

Some sources have criticised the app for its potential use by the Iranian government to monitor citizens.[3]

Terms and conditions[edit]

Membership is dependent on compliance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The terms and conditions of the service stipulate that users are not allowed to publish cybercrime, anti-religious, violent and terrorist propaganda, child abuse and theft. The service reserves the right to disable accounts in violation of rules.[4]

Reception and criticism[edit]

Ayatollah Khamenei closed his account on Telegram and telling users to do the same and sign up to the Iranian-produced services including Soroush.[5]


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