Sosiaalikeskus Satama

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The first floor before furnishing.

Sosiaalikeskus Satama (Harbor Social Center) was a social center in Helsinki, Finland, opened in April 2009. It was located 500 metres (1,600 ft) north of the Kalasatama metro station along the Kyläsaarenkatu street, in an old customs building in the central Helsinki district of Sörnäinen, left empty when the harbor operations moved to the Vuosaari Harbor[1] (hence the name satama, harbor). The building had 360 square metres (3,900 sq ft) in three stories.[2]

The building was given to squatters by the Helsinki Board of Youth Issues in October 2008 after an exhausting series of squattings and evictions around the city.[1]

In August 2011, the police evicted the building that had been in the publicity due to the romani immigrants inhabiting it.[3] It was demolished soon thereafter to make way for new housing development.


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Coordinates: 60°11′36″N 24°58′45″E / 60.19333°N 24.97917°E / 60.19333; 24.97917