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Soul Jazz Records
Founded 1993 (1993)
Founder Stuart Baker
Distributor(s) PIAS (UK)
Genre Various
Country of origin UK
Location London, England
Official website

Soul Jazz Records is a British record label based in London. The label started in the 1992 to draw "cross cultural connections between various music genres". These genres include reggae, soul, ska, dub, jazz, Brazilian music, and Latin music. The label expanded its range and released compilations of post-punk, electronica, Chicago house music and world music, as well as a number of artist studio albums and singles.

Album releases on the label include: New Orleans Funk, 100%-500% Dynamite!, The World of Arthur Russell, The Sexual Life of the Savages, A Tom Moulton Mix, That's My Beat and Dub Echoes. A large number of Soul Jazz Records releases have been compilations of works from the Studio One record label, after the Soul Jazz's founders forged an association with Clement Dodd in the 1990s.[1][2]



  • SJR22 Brasil
  • SJR27 Universal Sounds of America
  • SJR29 Nu Yorica!
  • SJR32 Chris Bowden - Time Capsule
  • SJR34 Faith
  • SJR36 Nu Yorica 2!
  • SJR37 Batucada Capoeira
  • SJR38 Grupo Oba-Ilu - Santeria
  • SJR40 100% Dynamite!
  • SJR41 200% Dynamite!
  • SJR42 Barrio Nuevo
  • SJR43 300% Dynamite!
  • SJR45 Nu Yorica Roots!
  • SJR46 400% Dynamite!
  • SJR47 New Orleans Funk
  • SJR48 Studio One Rockers
  • SJR49 Philadelphia Roots
  • SJR50 Studio One Soul
  • SJR52 Osunlade - Paradigm
  • SJR53 Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk and Soul
  • SJR55 500% Dynamite!
  • SJR56 Studio One Roots
  • SJR57 In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
  • SJR58 Studio One DJ's
  • SJR59 Sandoz - Chant To Jah
  • SJR60 A Certain Ratio - Early
  • SJR62 Mantronix - That's My Beat
  • SJR64 ESG - Step Off
  • SJR66 Hustle! Reggae Disco
  • SJR67 Studio One Scorcher
  • SJR72 Miami Sound
  • SJR74 Nice Up the Dance
  • SJR76 Joe Gibbs - Joe Gibbs Productions
  • SJR77 New York Noise
  • SJR80 Jackie Mittoo and The Soul Brothers - Last Train To Skaville
  • SJR82 British Hustle
  • SJR83 Arthur Russell - The World of Arthur Russell
  • SJR84 600% Dynamite!
  • SJR85 Studio One Ska
  • SJR88 Hu Vibrational - Beautiful
  • SJR89 Studio One Dub
  • SJR90 Konk - The Story of Konk
  • SJR91 Ammon Contact - Beat Tape Remixes
  • SJR93 Chicago Soul
  • SJR94 Bell - Seven Types of Six
  • SJR96 Studio One Classics
  • SJR97 Studio One Funk
  • SJR98 The Sound of Philadelphia
  • SJR100 The Gallery
  • SJR101 Burning Spear - Sounds from the Burning Spear
  • SJR102 Studio One Disco Mix
  • SJR104 Sugar Minott - Sugar Minott at Studio One
  • SJR105 Spirits of Life - Haitian Vodou
  • SJR107 Soul Gospel
  • SJR110 New Thing!
  • SJR111 Acid
  • SJR112 The Sexual Life of the Savages
  • SJR113 Mark Stewart - Kiss the Future
  • SJR114 Studio One Roots 2
  • SJR115 Microsolutions #1
  • SJR116 Studio One Lovers
  • SJR117 Mercenárias - The Beginning of the End of the World
  • SJR118 Tropicalia
  • SJR120 Tom Moulton - A Tom Moulton Mix
  • SJR121 Studio One Women
  • SJR122 Steve Reid Ensemble - Spirit Walk
  • SJR125 Big Apple Rappin'
  • SJR126 New York Noise Vol. 2
  • SJR127 Sound Dimension - Jamaica Soul Shake Vol. 1
  • SJR128 Studio One Soul 2
  • SJR129 Soul Gospel Vol. 2
  • SJR130 Sandoz - Live in the Earth
  • SJR132 Rekid - Made in Menorca
  • SJR133 The Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love
  • SJR136 Tumba Francesa - Afro-Cuban Music from the Roots
  • SJR137 Studio One DJ's 2
  • SJR138 ESG - Keep On Moving
  • SJR139 Hu Vibrational - Universal Mother
  • SJR140 Sand - The Dalston Shroud
  • SJR143 Studio One Scorcher 2
  • SJR144 Cinco Anos Despue (5 Years On)
  • SJR146 Dynamite! Dancehall Style
  • SJR147 New York Noise Vol. 3
  • SJR148 Studio One Rude Boy
  • SJR150 ESG - Come Away With...
  • SJR151 Studio One Groups
  • SJR153 Do It Yourself
  • SJR154 Studio One Rub-a-dub
  • SJR158 New York Latin Hustle!
  • SJR159 Rumble in the Jungle
  • SJR161 Box of Dub — Dubstep and Future Dub
  • SJR162 Drums of Cuba — Afro-Cuban Music From the Roots
  • SJR164 Brazil 70 - After Tropicalia
  • SJR167 ESG - A South Bronx Story 2 - Collector's Edition: Rarities
  • SJR168 Studio One Roots Vol. 3
  • SJR170 Singles 2006-2007
  • SJR171 Jamaica Funk — Original Jamaican Soul and Funk 45's
  • SJR172 Box of Dub 2 - Dubstep and Future Dub
  • SJR177 An England Story
  • SJR178 Steppas' Delight — Dubstep Present to Future
  • SJR186 Tetine - LET YOUR X'S BE Y'S
  • SJR188 Secondo - A Matter of Scale
  • SJR190 Ragga Twins - Ragga Twins Step Out
  • SJR196 Dancehall — The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall Culture


A number of music sublabels have also been set up by the label.

  • Universal Sound started in 1997 and focused on reissuing music from solo artists.
  • Satellite started in 1997 to release new music. Artists on the label inc. Sand, Bell, early Add N to X and Scott 4.
  • Yoruba started in 2002. Released productions from electronic music artist Osunlade.
  • Microsolutions To Megaproblems started in 2003 and released new electronic music productions.
  • World Audio Foundation started in 2009 to release deep, spiritual roots music.
  • Sound Of The Universe started in 2012. The label runs in conjunction with the record store, Sounds Of The Universe, currently located in the same building as Soul Jazz Records. The label releases new electronic music.

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