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Origin Riga, Latvia
Genres progressive rock,
Years active 2002–present
Labels [Melo Records]
Website Official website
Members Martins Abols
Lauris Abele
Raitis Abele
Janis Zale
Gints Spole
Ingus Kempaus

Soundarcade is a Latvian progressive rock, post-metal band. The band was formed in 2002 in Riga.[1]

Soundarcade’s music features influences ranging from Latvian folk music, spaghetti westerns and structures of progressive rock music. Raw sound is provided by dark, swirling guitars, angry drumming, dissonant, howling violin and pulsing bass. [1]

The band released its debut album “12 Songs of the Jackalope” through independent Latvian label [“Melo Records”] and now is working on a new material. Soundarcade represent Latvian music with live performances that are always supplemented by custom-made visuals.

"To quickly bring up a couple of bigger names around, the band reminds of Isis and Callisto. During some pieces, we could also mention the resemblance of newer Tool. Anyhow 12 Songs of the Jackalope is not really post hardcore by the spirit even though the genre passes by often. The only two genre facts that remain all along the process are atmosphere and psychedelia. Some progressive sounding features occur as well. In general it could be said that this is the kind of music that's generated for the refined feeders and the atmosphere junkies. The guitar delivery is melodic and echoing, the bass is pumping well heard pulse with the drums proving a strong vision of ones own. Violin and couple of other tricks are also heard. All of the instruments are handled with care to prove the listeners ears with sonic caress. The vocals are delivered as pure and clean from somewhere beyond. In most cases, the vocals are well placed but there was a piece where I'd have wished the singing to be heard a bit closer, so to speak. Anyhow, mostly the whole union between tunes and voice is a tight and fine package with cherry on top. 12 Songs of the Jackalope is a group of sheltered oases in the middle of the desert otherwise howling with strong sandstorm-winds."



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