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Source Direct is a drum and bass act from St Albans in the United Kingdom, consisting of Jim Baker and formerly Phil Aslett.[1] Source Direct is often compared with ambient drum and bass artists such as LTJ Bukem and other Good Looking Records producers, but their work displays a much darker sonic landscape with more of an emphasis of percussive assaults of syncopated breakbeats.

Source Direct produced singles for a variety of different labels: Metalheadz, Basement, Certificate 18, Odysee, Street Beats, Good Looking Records, and their own Source Direct Recordings label. They also released singles under other names, such as Intensity, Sounds of Life, Oblivion, Mirage and Hokusai.[2]




  • "Future London/Shimmer" (1994, Odysee)
  • "A Made Up Sound/The Cult" (1995, Metalheadz)
  • "Approach & Identify/Modem" (1995, Source Direct)
  • "Different Groove/Stars" (1995, Odysee)
  • "Fabric of Space/Bliss" (1995, Source Direct)
  • "Snake Style/Exit 9" (1995, Source Direct)
  • "Black Rose/12 Til 4" (1996, Source Direct)
  • "Stonekiller/Web of Sin" (1996, Metalheadz)
  • "The Crane/Artificial Barriers" (1996, Source Direct)
  • "Call & Response/Computer State" (1997, Virgin)
  • "Capital D/Enemy Lines" (1997, Virgin)
  • "Two Masks/Black Domina" (1997, Virgin)
  • "Concealed Identity" (1998, Virgin)
  • "Mind Weaver" (1998, Virgin)
  • "Technical Warfare" (1998, Virgin)
  • "Snowblind/The Place" (2001, Demonic)
  • "Sub One/Escape From Cairo" (2001, Demonic)
  • "Yo Bitch!/Pimp Star" (2001, Demonic)

Source Direct in other media[edit]

  • The track, "Call & Response", appeared in a scene from the 1998 film "Blade" in which the track is being listened to, on headphones, by the villain, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), whilst he searches a library's archives. However, the song did not appear on the film's soundtrack. In 2016 the track was remixed by HLNGR with a follow-up remix in 2017.[3][4]
  • Their track "2097" was created especially for use on the CD soundtrack of the 1997 PlayStation game Wipeout 2097.


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"Metalheadz – Talking Headz"

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