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"South" is a jazz composition by Thamon Hayes and Bennie Moten.[1] It was introduced by Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra in 1924 and recorded again in 1928, when it became a national hit.[2] It was Moten's most popular composition.[3]

Moten's popular Victor 1928 recording of "South" (V-38021) stayed in Victor's catalog over the years (reissued as 24893 in 1935 as Victor phased out any remaining V-38000 series that were still in the catalog) and became a big jukebox hit in the late 1940s (by then, reissued as 44-0004). It remained in print (as a vinyl 45) until RCA stopping making records.[citation needed]

Originally an instrumental, Ray Charles later wrote lyrics for the tune.[1]


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