South African Amateur Championship (snooker)

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South African Snooker Championship
Tournament information
Country South Africa
Established 1937
Organisation(s) Snooker and Billiards South Africa

The South African Snooker Championship is the South African amateur snooker tournament that has been held since 1937 under the S.A. Billiard Control Council. From 1950 to 1993 it was held under the S.A. Billiards And Snooker Association. Jimmy van Rensberg won the title a record 12 times.

The amalgamation of the white S.A. Billiards And Snooker Association and the non-white S.A. Billiards And Snooker Control Board happened in 1994 under the new governing body - Snooker and Billiards South Africa. This finally allowed for a unified national champion - Hitesh Naran.


Year Association[1] Control Board[1]
1937 Allan Prior
1938 A H Ashby
1939 Allan Prior
1940 Not held due to World War II
1941 Not held due to World War II
1942 Not held due to World War II
1943 Not held due to World War II
1944 Not held due to World War II
1945 Not held due to World War II
1946 F Walker
1947 Not held
1948 F Walker
1949 E Kerr
1950 Tom "Taffy" Rees
1951 Tom "Taffy" Rees
1952 Tom "Taffy" Rees
1953 Jimmy van Rensberg
1954 Jimmy van Rensberg
1955 Jimmy van Rensberg
1956 F Walker
1957 Jimmy van Rensberg
1958 R Walker
1959 Manuel Francisco
1960 Perrie Mans
1961 Jimmy van Rensberg
1962 Jimmy van Rensberg
1963 Jimmy van Rensberg
1964 Manuel Francisco
1965 Manuel Francisco
1966 Manuel Francisco
1967 Jimmy van Rensberg
1968 Silvino Francisco
1969 Silvino Francisco
1970 Jimmy van Rensberg
1971 Manuel Francisco
1972 Jimmy van Rensberg
1973 Jimmy van Rensberg
1974 Silvino Francisco
1975 Manuel Francisco
1976 <not held>
1977 Silvino Francisco Ayoob Majiet
1978 Jimmy van Rensberg F. Abdie
1979 Francois Ellis Ayoob Majiet
1980 Francois Ellis Ayoob Majiet
1981 Peter Francisco L. Seranke
1982 Peter Francisco S. Davids
1983 Peter Francisco Ayoob Majiet
1984 N van Niekerk Ayoob Majiet
1985 P Small-Shaw Ayoob Majiet
1986 Schalk Mouton Ayoob Majiet
1987 B Jones F. Haupt
1988 Terry Reilly F. Haupt
1989 Schalk Mouton Hitesh Naran
1990 B Smith Hitesh Naran
1991 Zbynek Vaic N. Mehta
1992 D Lomas Hitesh Naran
1993 B Jones Hitesh Naran
1994 Hitesh Naran Hitesh Naran
1995 Warren Horsley
1996 Hitesh Naran
1997 Robbie Grace
1998 Peter Francisco
1999 Peter Francisco
2000 Peter Francisco
2001 Warren Horsley
2002 Warren Horsley
2003 Tauriq Samsodien
2004 Warren Horsley
2005 Ricky Tregonning
2006 Warren Horsley
2007 Peter Francisco
2008 Warren Horsley
2009 Warren Horsley
2010 Tauriq Samsodien [2]
2012 Kiashan Moodley or Peter Francisco? [3]
2013 Fahkrie Gierdien [4]
2014 Fahkrie Gierdien


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