South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance

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South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance
Founded 2006
Headquarters Columbia, S.C., United States
Key people
Shannon Baxter-Clemmons, Executive Director

The South Carolina Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Alliance (SCHFCA) is a Public-private collaborative with a mission of advancing the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in the state of South Carolina.[1] Government entities, in particular, the Department of Energy has funded SCHFCA with $188,788 for a hydrogen education program for state and local officials.[2] State taxpayers have already chipped in $12.3 million for hydrogen fuel cell development, while other non-state entities like federal and private sources have invested nearly $115 million into the development of the technology.[3]

Founding organizations[edit]

SCHFCA was founded in 2006 by six core institutions that were devoted to Hydrogen & Fuel Cell initiatives and development.

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