Southeastern Indian Artists Association

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The Southeastern Indian Artists Association (SEIAA) is located in northeastern Oklahoma. Formerly known as the Cherokee Artists Association, the group promotes and protects the interests of Native American, Southeastern, and Native Artists.[1] The Cherokee Artists Association has over one hundred Native Artists as members. Artist Members are verified as tribal members as stated in the Indian Arts and Crafts Act. The group also operates a cooperative art gallery. Members include Martha Berry, Mike Dart, Bill Glass Jr., Demos Glass, Sharon Irla, Jane Osti, Troy Jackson, and Shan Goshorn.

The group was formed officially in 2004 after native artists came together and decided that they needed to begin helping each other to be successful artists in the Native Art world.[2] Many artists travel to Santa Fe Indian Market, Cherokee Art Market and various other places. The Cherokee Artists Association is one of the top Native Artists Associations in the United States.[1]

The Cherokee Nation gave the CAA a grant to expand their online web gallery. Sharon Irla, CAA Executive Officer says of the group, "These artists preserve our tribal culture and deserve to have their works represented in mainstream media."[3]


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