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This article is about the Xianbei kingdom in what is now Gansu and Qinghai. For the Southern Dynasty known as Southern Liang, see Liang Dynasty.
Southern Liang (南涼)
西平 (397),
武威 (397-401),
河西 (401-408),
Vassal of Later Qin
Capital Lianchuan (397-399)
Ledu (399, 402-406, 410-414)
Xiping (399-402)
Guzang (406-410)
Government Monarchy
 •  397-399 Tufa Wugu
 •  399-402 Tufa Lilugu
 •  402-414 Tufa Rutan
 •  Established 397
 •  Tufa Rutan's acceptance of Later Qin era name 404
 •  Tufa Rutan's entry into Guzang 406
 •  Tufa Rutan's defeat by Liu Bobo at Yangwu 407
 •  Tufa Rutan's reassertion of own era name 408
 •  Disestablished 414
 •  Tufa Rutan's death 415
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Later Liang (Sixteen Kingdoms)
Western Qin
Northern Liang

The Southern Liang (Chinese: 南凉; pinyin: Nánliáng, 397-414) was a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in China. The founding family Tufa was of Xianbei ethnicity and distant relative of the Tuoba imperial house of Northern Wei. According to the Jin Shu, the name was changed from Tuoba to Tufa because one of the Tufa ancestors was born on a blanket, and in the Xianbei language, "Tufa" meant "blanket."[1]

All rulers of the Southern Liang proclaimed themselves "Wang".

In 414 Southern Liang was conquered by the Western Qin state of the Xianbei ethnicity.

Rulers of the Southern Liang[edit]

Temple names Posthumous names Family names and given name Durations of reigns Era names and their according durations
Liezu (烈祖 Lièzǔ) Wu ( ) Tufa Wugu (禿髮烏孤 Tūfǎ Wūgū) 397-399 Taichu (太初 Tàichū) 397-399
Did not exist Kang ( Kāng) Tufa Lilugu (禿髮利鹿孤 Tūfǎ Lìlùgū) 399-402 Jianhe (建和 Jiànhé) 399-402
Did not exist Jing ( Jǐng) Tufa Rutan (禿髮傉檀 Tūfǎ Rǔtán) 402-414 Hongchang (弘昌 Hóngchāng) 402-404
Jiaping (嘉平 Jiāpíng) 409-414

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