Southern Presbyterian Church (Australia)

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Southern Presbyterian Church
Separated fromEvangelical Presbyterian Church
Congregations2 (and 1 preaching place)[1]

The Southern Presbyterian Church[2] is a small denomination with a community of about 130 persons located exclusively in Tasmania, Australia.[3] It formed in 1986 when two ministers (one of whom died a few months later) and a number of members left the Evangelical Presbyterian Church because of a difference of belief over doctrinal issues.[4]

As of 2013, the Southern Presbyterian Church had churches in Hobart and Launceston and a preaching place in Taranna.[3] Public worship is conducted with preaching, prayer, and the unaccompanied singing of Psalms. The Southern Presbyterian Church holds exclusively to the use of the King James Version of the Bible,[5] in public worship, and its supreme standard is the Bible according to the 'Received Text' but, according to Ward and Humphreys, "in other respects are close to the PCEA in orientation"[6] with whom it is exploring closer relations.

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