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Southwind, Memphis is an affluent upscale predominantly neighborhood located in the extreme southeast corner of the Memphis city limits and the adjacent area of unincorporated Shelby County, Tennessee, in the United States. The area's boundaries are equivalent to the 38125 zip code and consist of Winchester Road and the PGA Tour Southwind golf course and gated community to the north, Riverdale Road and the Hickory Hill neighborhood to the west, Forest Hill Irene Road and the city of Germantown on the east, and the Mississippi state line to the south. The area in unincorporated Shelby County is within the Memphis reserve annexation zone and will be annexed soon by the city of Memphis.[1] This area, along with the Hickory Hill area, northern portions of the city of Bartlett, and DeSoto County, Mississippi, have seen large increases in middle and upper middle class African Americans due to black flight. Many are coming from older more economically depressed areas of Memphis as well as rural Mississippi and Arkansas. Many blacks from Chicago and other Rust Belt cities have moved into the area as a part of the New Great Migration.

According to the 2010 census, the Southwind area population was 36,150, with 75% White, 4% Asian, 16% African American, and 5% Hispanic.[2] The majority of households with children residing in them had both a father and mother in the home. For families in Southwind the median income is $72,587 and the mean income is $85,975.[3]


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