Céidot Game Studios

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Céidot Game Studios
Industry Video games
Founded 2005
Defunct 2014
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey
Key people
Erkan Bayol
Products Sovereign Symphony
Website www.ceidot.com

Céidot was a video game development company founded in 2005. Céidot's main headquarters resided in Ankara, Turkey, and had a corporate branch located in Oregon, United States. Céidot is an official brand of Imengi Design Company, whose counterpart is Céiron Alternative Reality brand, an imaginary design and fiction organization. Céidot's main project is a Windows game called "Sovereign Symphony" which was planned to support realistic 3D short animation films to introduce its scenario. Céidot had partnerships with Emergent Game Technologies,[1] Ageia,[2] Noviy Disk[3] and GameSultan.[4] Céidot has been closed in 19 March 2014.[5]

Games developed[edit]

Developer team[edit]

  • Erkan Bayol -Executive Producer/Lead Designer
  • Emre Buğahan -Producer
  • Serdar Yıldız -Art Director/Illustrator
  • Tamer Karataş -Illustrator
  • Mehmet Demiray -3D Artist/Designer
  • Mert Mimaroğlu -3D Artist/Level Designer
  • Yasin Türkdoğan - Technical Leader / Senior Programmer
  • Mustafa Taha Göker - Senior Programmer
  • Kurtuluş Arkan - Senior Programmer
  • Levent Oral - Programmer
  • Murat Yıldız -Programmer
  • Metehan Güzel -Programmer
  • M. Zafer Şevik -Programmer
  • Emre Önal -Programmer
  • Umut Besler -Programmer
  • Tuncay Özbal -Programmer
  • Anil Anitmak -Customer Support&Q.A. Lead
  • Eda Ersoy -Q.A. Team / Software Tester
  • Türker Ömer -Q.A. Team / Software Tester
  • Deran Delice -Q.A. Team / Software Tester
  • Deniz Hepsakaryalı -Q.A. Team / Software Tester


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