Spa Nishiura Motor Park

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Spa Nishiura Motor Park
SPA Nishiura Motor Park Straight.jpg
Location Gamagōri, Aichi, Japan
Time zone GMT +9
Coordinates 34°46′28″N 137°11′13″E / 34.774429°N 137.186878°E / 34.774429; 137.186878Coordinates: 34°46′28″N 137°11′13″E / 34.774429°N 137.186878°E / 34.774429; 137.186878
Owner Ito Racing Service
Opened June 9, 2007
Surface Asphalt
Length 1.561 km (0.952 mi)
Turns 11

Spa Nishiura Motor Park (スパ西浦モーターパーク), also known as SNMP, is a race complex near Gamagōri, Aichi, Japan.

Course outline[edit]

Located on the Nishiura peninsula, SNMP circuit has an excellent view of Mikawa Bay

Located on a narrow site, the course includes eleven corners, a bridge, and some elevation change. The course is also reconfigurable and available for use by motorcycles, cars and karts.


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